Jr. Iron Chef RVA

    Saturday August 26, 2017


    11:00 am - 2:00 pm


    Peter Paul Development Center

  • Our Story

    How Did We Get Here

    Richmond has made national headlines for its budding culinary scene and talented chefs and restaurateurs but, has also gained spotlight for being home to some of the largest food deserts for a city of it's size. Church Hill and Greater Fulton make up a large portion of Richmond's food deserts. The Neighborhood Resource Center, Peter Paul Development Center, Shalom Farms and Greater Richmond Fit4Kids seek a new and exciting way to engage in change around this epidemic. For this reason, we are launching the first ever Jr Iron Chef RVA event. This is a community event to connect all community members and families to resources around health, nutrition, gardening, food and access and to bring awareness to the issues that our communities face.

    Getting To The Meat Of It!

    Having access to fresh, whole foods is only a part of a much larger problem. Knowing what to do with fresh ingredients can help to make healthier decisions in the kitchen, leading to a healthier, more fulfilled lifestyle. The Junior Iron Chef Program is an 8 week summer enrichment program that focuses on teaching culinary skills, exploring healthy food options, defining farm to table efforts and giving students a better view of our local food and market scene.

    During The Event

    Our partners and sponsors will be hosting information and demo tables and farm stands highlighting food, gardening, health, nutrition, and access. We will be giving away seeds, late summer/fall seedlings, and cookbooks. More importantly, we will be connecting community members to local resources that they can use to live healthier lives.


    Judges Include:

    Casey Hues - 2011 Broad Appetit and 40 under 40 winner

    Will Richardson - Richmond Ramen Co.

    Sequoia Ross - Tricycle Gardens


    Brandon Walton

    Food & Outreach Director


    Brandon has been hard at work looking for new ways of bringing awareness to the issues of food access in Fulton and beyond. Through the NRC's pop up restaurant events, food pantry, garden program, and education on shopping smarter and eating healthier, Brandon is making an impact one family at a time.

    Damon Jiggetts

    Executive Director


    That outward expression of my passion became my purpose. Guided by my passion, my job became the tool to contribute in very purposeful ways to young people while building my professional capacity. As I continued to learn professionally and grow personally, I actively looked for opportunities to expand my sphere of influence.


    These great organizations will be hosting demo tables during the event

    Renew Richmond

    A non-profit organization that uses urban agriculture as a tool to mitigate poverty in underserved Richmond, VA, communities. We empower people to cultivate healthier lifestyles through the growth of wholesome food. That’s our mission!

    Compost RVA

    Compost RVA’s goal is to make composting as common as throwing things into the trash for all Virginians, enabling us to think before we waste.


    E.A.T. Foundation is a non-profit foundation, with a mission to eliminate food deserts. With each E.A.T. event, no less than 10% of the net proceeds are reserved for this goal. Our Mission: Strengthening communities around the table.

    Virginia Cooperation Extension

    Virginia Cooperative Extension is an educational outreach program of Virginia's land-grant universities: Virginia Tech and Virginia State University, and a part of the National Institute for Food and Agriculture, an agency of the United States Department of Agriculture.


    Tricycle Gardens is a nonprofit organization with a mission to grow healthy food, healthy communities and a healthy local food system. Since breaking ground on our first garden, we have engaged thousands of neighbors and shown that the simple act of growing food is an incredibly powerful way to change the overall health of our community.

    Richmond Food CO-OP

    The Richmond Food Co-op will be a member-owned full service grocery store providing affordable, local, sustainable and healthy food options.

    Fit 4 Kids Greater Richmond

    Greater Richmond Fit4Kids is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving children’s health and reducing the prevalence of childhood obesity in the Richmond region. We do this by offering innovative programs that promote physical activity and healthy eating in schools, community organizations, and beyond.

    Neighborhood Resource Center

    Located in Greater Fulton, the Neighborhood Resource Center believes in community. The NRC strengthens individuals and communities by providing opportunities for neighbors to build relationships, access resources, and develop the skills to enhance their lives and determine the fate of the community. The Neighborhood Resource Center is about neighbors working together to reach personal and community goals.

    Peter Paul Development Center

    Peter Paul Development Center (PPDC) is an outreach and community center serving Church Hill and neighboring communities in Richmond’s East End. Founded in 1979, it is the oldest community-based agency continually serving Church Hill children and families. PPDC gives children a safe, consistent, structured, and loving environment in which to thrive, where staff and volunteers establish long-term relationships of trust and support for the children and their families.

    Shalom Farms

    The mission of Shalom Farms is to work with communities to ensure access to healthy food and the support to live healthy lives.

    Through sustainable food production and hands-on experiences at the farm and in the city, Shalom Farms provides thousands in Richmond with access to healthy food…and healthy lives.

  • Our Sponsors

    Thanks to our sponsors for their generous donations and contributions


    Union Market is sponsoring a portion of the cook book Good and Cheap that we will be giving away to community members during the competiton


    Whole Foods Market is a proud sponsor of our staple kitchen ingredients for our kitchen stadium.


    Hamilton Beach is graciously providing a good portion of the kitchen equipment that will be used in our Kitchen Stadium.

    Joyce Farms

    Joyce Farms is contributing heritage breed chicken and grass fed beef for our youth to cook up during the competition

    RVA Food Collaborative


    RVA Food Collaborative is a forum for communication, collaboration, and collective thought on food system issues in the Richmond region. It’s a way of sharing information about work being done, communicating about project needs, finding ways to be stronger together, and thinking like a community. Through this website and quarterly meetings we connect food system stakeholders with one another, because we believe that only by acting as a collective network can we be powerful enough to right our broken food system.

    Baldor Foods

    The Neighborhood Resource Center has been working with Baldor Foods to prepare restaurant inspired meals for youth in Greater Fulton. It is through this business relationship that has opened up the opportunity for Baldor Foods is contribute many of the foods used in Kitchen Stadium and Recipe Boxes for the Jr Iron Chef RVA Competition.

    In Harvest

    Another example of building great relationships with great vendors is our business relationship with In Harvest, a specialty grain, rice, and legume purveyor. In Harvest will be providing their staple grains, rice, and legumes as well as their unique blends for the Jr Iron Chef RVA Competition and recipe boxes.

  • Photos & Videos

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    Creating Jr Chefs!

    A snap shot of some of our Jr Chefs!